Duke Insync Interior Design

The focus is always listening to the client, their needs, their desires to create the ideal masterpiece; that is inspirational and unique in a stylish, comfortable, elegant and timeless design.

Committed to passion, performance, integrity and excellence

Duke Insync Interior Design
Athol Duke is the CEO of Duke Insync interior design, which is based in Gauteng, in Broadacres, Sandton. He has hands on experience to ensure that each client is treated as an individual in a professional manner.

He will listen to your needs and together with his network of professionals, will create and design the perfect and ideal outcome for your interior design. Athol will guide you through the entire design process, step by step, ensuring you peace of mind throughout the entire project, regardless of the size of the project.

Athol is committed to executing the ideal design to match your requirements. Athol studied a diploma in interior design through IDI (Interior Design Institute) (UK)