About Us

Interior design – what is interior design?

  • It is the art and craft of creating beautiful and functional environments.
  • The most masterful design uses materials with originality, yet with an understanding of tradition.
  • Interior design has become crucial to the success of many environments, which includes residential; commercial; restaurants; hotels; shops; events and film sets; where inspired and expert interior design is often an essential aspect to the character and success of the project.


  • Duke Insync will create a contract between you, the client and Duke Insync of which both parties will sign and date the contract.
  • It is important should we establish a value generating and constructive relationship, that it be conducted on a professional level.
  • The contract is designed to protect yourselves and Duke Insync (Pty) Ltd and to ensure that the end result of our efforts is both cost effective and meets your expectations.
  • Duke Insync is privy to significant interior design discounts, which are passed on to you, the client, including discounts on fabrics; furniture from retail stores as well as certain subcontractors. Our procurement fee of 20% is calculated on the discounted cost, resulting in significant savings to you, our valued client.

Interior decorating

Duke Insync will assist and source furniture, soft furnishings, curtains, fabrics, window dressings, artwork, framing, lighting etc to create the look and feel of your ultimate design.

Project Co-Ordination

  • Duke Insync offers a service in which we project co-ordinate from the beginning of the project to the end result. Duke Insync can source and manage the contractors and sub contractors needed to complete the project; oversee them and co-ordinate the various contractors on site.
  • Many of our clients find this service to be invaluable as they deal with the designer only and do not get involved with the design team at all.
  • Over the many years Duke Insync has acquired a large network of contractors, suppliers and experts in the various fields to assist you in your design. Duke Insync will set up an appointment with both you, the client and the contractor and/ the supplier and/ the expert to discuss your various needs and of what can be done or offered to execute your design. Duke Insync will set up further appointments and will guide you step by step as we journey together through the design process.

Payment Solutions

  • Duke Insync will control the payments to the various contractors and suppliers where necessary, as agreed in the signed proposal; in which is listed the deposits that are required, before the project begins; together with the final payment, which is due and payable on completion of the project.
  • Therefore you, the client only makes payment, when an invoice is raised by Duke Insync to Duke Insync, thus taking the hassle out of your hands.